Roles and Responsibilities of the Author

- Confirm that the manuscript has been submitted solely to this journal, is original, has not been published previously, and is not presently under consideration for publication elsewhere. The manuscript also must fall within the aim and scope of the journal, including the fields of human resource development, human resource management, organizational development, leadership, management, and innovation.

- Confirm that the data in the manuscript that have been submitted to this journal have not been falsified or fabricated.

- Avoid plagiarism and give proper citation to other works referred to in the manuscript.

- Before submitting the manuscript for review, the journal’s instructions to authors must be followed and carefully read, and all terms and conditions must be adhered to.

- All authors appearing in the manuscript should have made substantial contributions to the research work.

- Identify all funding source(s) as well as conflicts of interest (if any).

Roles and Responsibilities of the Editor

- The editor’s role is to screen, select, and assess the quality of manuscripts that are submitted to the journal without creating conflicts of interest with the author(s), reviewer(s), or editorial board. The editor must provide sufficient justification, free from doubt, if the manuscript is rejected.

- The editor will base his/her decision to publish a manuscript in the journal on the results of the blind review process. The manuscript must adhere to the journal’s policies and scope, must make a significant contribution, be original and well-written, contain a thorough literature review, and must not have already been published elsewhere.

- During the review process, the editor must maintain confidentiality and not reveal the identity of the author(s) and reviewer(s) to the general public.

- The author must use a reliable program to check that the manuscript being submitted for publication in this journal is original. If any plagiarism is found during the evaluation process, the editor must halt the review process and communicate with the author(s) for clarification before proceeding.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Reviewer

- The reviewer will assess the manuscript in which he/she has expertise and provide feedback in accordance with the journal’s guidelines.

- If the reviewer is unable to objectively assess the manuscript due to a conflict of interest with the author(s), the reviewer should inform the editor of his/her decision about not being able to evaluate the manuscript.

- The editor must be informed if there is any apparent plagiarism in the submitted manuscript.

- During the review process, the reviewer must maintain confidentiality and not reveal any information in the submitted manuscript to the general public.


- If the author’s manuscript exhibits ethical issues concerning the data collection, please include a certificate of research ethics when submitting the manuscript for review.